Who We Are

Community Unlocked Company Limited is a community development Startup, (Company registration 93179) registered at the Companies Office of Jamaica, and also a Charity registered at, Department of Co-operatives and Friendly Societies (charity number CA100-896C).

Community Unlocked registered office is Nonsuch District, Look Out PA, Portland Jamaica WI.

The journey began whilst on holiday in Portland Jamaica, we saw first hand how some local attraction sites such as “Nonsuch Cave” which was once a valuable economic asset to the community were largely grown over and left in a state of ruin.(crowdfund to reopen nonsuch cave)

Our experience gave rise to Community Unlocked mission and objectives which is a bold plan to Reopen Nonsuch Cave and gardens and turn it into an Adventure Tourism Park, creating much welcomed quality employment.(see crowdfund project)

This venture to reopen Nonsuch Cave will be achieved through the "Rewards Based Crowdfunding” approach which is a Reward for your contribution, to view the different categories of rewards with no obligation you will need to sign in. (see crowdfund project page)

In addition, through our charity arm, we will seek to change lives for good by building or helping to improve community spaces for social and sports activities in the communities we seek to serve. Thank you for your contribution and we welcome your Facebook likes.

HISTORY OF NONSUCH CAVE IN BRIEF: Our best sources of information indicate that the Cave was discovered by a kid goat in the mid to late 1950s when the farm overseer at the time brought his herd of goats to feed and as he set out in search of a missing kid, his search brought him to a spot where he can hear it bleating but couldn’t see it, and as he parted the foliage just a few feet ahead he found the kid goat down a four feet in diameter chamber which upon excavation turned out to be the first chamber and the original entrance to Nonsuch Cave.

Our now famous kid goat had caused much escavation work to be done to reveal several cone shaped holes in the ceiling known a blowholes indicating a property that was once under water, along with stalagmites and stalactites and strange chambers and shapes, one chamber was named by the owners at the time “THE CATHEDRAL ROOM “because it has a forty foot arched ceiling.

The Nonsuch Cave which is also known as Athenry Gardens named after a previous owner Claude Athenry, is a small 185 acres portion of the original Williamsfield Estate which was owned then and operated by an American fruit company called, United Fruit company.

The original size of the Williamsfield Estate was 1211 acres including the location on which now sits “THE CASTLE”. The Williamsfield Estate changed hands and was passed to a relative of, Captain Lorenzo Dow Baker a native of Cape Cod the 1890s banana trader widely credited for helping to start the global Tourism Trade in Jamaica....to be continued.

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Our Purpose

The purpose of Community Unlocked is to unlock community attraction Heritage sites that has been closed to the public for years giving a new lease of recycled life in the communities we seek to help, Please go to CROWDFUND NONSUCHCAVE.

Community Unlocked will go further by working together through our charity arm to upgrade community centers for youth training and sports activities to broaden social good.

You can get in touch with us for more information by email: communityunlockedja@gmail.com or via our contacts page.

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