In the cool green Eastern hills of Portland Jamaica is the world famous Athenary Gardens better know as Nonsuch Cave.

Steeped in History from the Arawaks to the United States United Fruit Company, this property was once a valuable commercial asset to the community and the wider Portland.

The Cave has been closed to the public for the past eleven years plus and we want to turn this Historic property into an “Adventure Tourism Park”, for tours, and adventure rides, accommodation and usual amenities.

We seek your help to raise US$3,920,000.00. ,Three Million Nine Hundred and twenty Thousand united States Dollars through “Rewards based Crowdfunding”, that is a reward for your pledge.

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The Brand Nonsuch Cave is known internationally and we are of the view that the climate is right to launch this project to reopen the Cave.

The Plan

The Cave and Gardens totalling 126 Acres is ideal for Adventure Tourism and has vast commercial potential such as-

  1. Reopen Cave for Historic tours.
  2. Install adventure rides
  3. Cycling and zip line tours
  4. Build accommodations for rental
  5. Build shops,Restaurants, bars and amenities

These are just a few of the vast business potential of this property which should be realized in light of the fact that Portland is on the up with the recent announcement that the road programme is being implemented.

There has also been a recent announcement by the, Honorable Darrel Vaz MP, that he will be working to bring small Tourism Shipping Vessels back to Portland,

We have also seen that phase two of the sewage and water treatment systems are being implemented.

These are all positive signals for the smart Investors, the Social Entrepreneurs, and the supporters of adventure to capitalize on and we are well placed to deliver for Portland an Adventure Product that is at the moment is only seen in Ochio Rios and Montego Bay.